So after nearly 4 weeks over 60 match’s and 32 teams we are down to 2. France and Croatia will battle it out to be crowned FIFA World Champions.

Putting aside loyalty and heart these two teams have probably been the best teams in the tournament and have looked the likely finalists from the beginning. France have looked unstoppable all across the pitch and look like the could step up a gear whenever they please. World class players throughout the team. Lloris, Umtitti, Pogba, Griezmann, Mbappe the list goes on. Early favourites when the tournament began they have justified that by winning games well or by hook or by crook. They’ve outclassed opposition or seemingly killed the game and bored their opponents to death like they did against Belgium.

Croatia are your typical fundamental team. They are hard working, they are a unit and they have probably at this time the best midfielder in the world in Luka Modric. Players like Rakitic are World class, Vida, Mandzukic typifies Croatia’s work ethic. Croatia’s road to the final is similar to France. They have blown teams away (Argentina) or dug in and found a way (England,Russia). This is undoubtedly Croatia’s golden generation and a final chance for them to get their hands on a World Cup.

This promises to be a classic. It’s a Rolls Royce v Ford Fiesta. It’s class vs practicability. Speed vs Endurance. David vs Goliath. The Favourites vs The Underdogs.

After one of the best World Cups in memory and history let’s hope these two teams can deliver a final to remember. A final we deserve. Throughout this tournament we have had shocks, classic games, thrilling games, world class goals, comedy moments and some theatrical moments (we are looking at you Neymar). Now all we need is a final to thrill us.

Croatia will be the underdogs but certainly have the players to trouble France and wrestle control of the game off them. France will be looking to use the pace of their forwards to trouble and unsettle the Croatia back line.

I’m hoping for a 2-2 draw and head into Extra and maybe even penalties. Let’s extend this marvellous World Cup for as long as possible.

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