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It’s coming home, It’s coming home, it’s coming!!! Football’s coming home!!!!!!

28 years after their last appearance in a World Cup semi final, England returned with a 2-0 victory over Sweden. It was a performance that may not have set the world alight and filled the other 3 teams with fear. What it did do was show us how far this young England side has come under Gareth Southgate. They were calm, the situation and pressure never got to them and it looked like they were always had the belief that they would win the game.

There were some magnificent performances, some solid performances and some under rated performances. Jordan Pickford showed why he is number 1. Harry Maguire was brilliant again, bringing the ball out of defence and winning absolutely everything in the air. Kieran Trippier was again one of the stand out performers causing problems with his set piece deliveries. Harry Kane may not have scored but again his workman like performance showed how important he is to this side, he wins the ball, holds it up well and causes defenders to give away free kicks and his leadership has been fantastic.

Raheem Sterling was again the target of peoples frustrations but what cant be denied was he never gave up. He ran all game and his pace and movement will always cause teams problems and it feels like a goal or game winning performance is just waiting to happen. Jordan Henderson is another England player who gets criticized a lot. His role in the side means he will never be the stand out player and i always feel if you don’t really notice Henderson it means he and England are playing well.

Whatever happens from now on in, this World Cup must be remembered as a success  for England, they have gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations. Yes people may point at England’s route has been an easy one but you can only beat what is in front of you and you still have to beat them. That’s exactly what England have done so far and lets hope it continues. I have been following and supporting England all my life, and it has been 20 years since i have seen or heard the support for England that i am hearing now. You don’t have to be an avid football fan to enjoy this. And enjoy it you must. Who knows if England will ever get this kind of opportunity again and we must embrace it.

This is a rallying call. Everybody must throw their support behind Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions.

Come on England!!!!!!

It’s Coming Home!!!!!!!!



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